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The very popular computer game “Happy Wheels” is a ragdoll based computer browser game, created by a person named Jim Bonacci a couple of years ago in 2010. The full game playable at totaljerkface.com features several playable characters (more are often created) who use different, sometimes really weird vehicles to move around the game’s thousands of user created levels. The game is best known for its violence which appeals to a younger audience and also known for the massive amount of user created content its players produce fairly often. The full game features these current characters: Wheelchair Guy, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, Lawnmower Man, Explorer Guy, Santa Claus, Pogostick Guy, Irresponsible Mom and Helicopter Guy. The goal of the game changes depending on what user created level that you are playing on. In most levels the goal is to reach the finish line by going through obstacles or to collect tokens. Right now the game Happy Wheels has over 6 million user generated levels and it is still growing! The game Happy Wheels just continues to get more and more popular.

 Unblocked Happy Wheels

The term “unblocked happy wheels” refers to a website that has Happy Wheels so that you are able to play it in a wide variety of places such as school, work and other similar places. Many schools often have website filters that block many games so people make “unblocked happy wheels” websites so kids can access the game from different places our unblocked happy wheels website is by far the cleanest looking and best unblocked happy wheels website out there!

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